uburn Area Chamber of Commerce 
    Auburn, Washington
    Contact: Doug Happe, Endorsement Committee Chair 
    (253) 833-0700

    The Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to release our endorsement's for candidates on the ballot for the upcoming election. Candidates are interviewed on a non-partisan basis by members of the Board and Government Relations/Endorsement Committee, led by committee Chair, Doug Happe. Each candidate is scored using the same process. We interviewed 8 candidates all of which were rated (1) endorsed, (2) not endorsed. Endorse candidates scored high for a business friendly acumen, understands the impact of taxes and regulations that business owners face. Those that chose not to participate in our process are also listed.
    Includes a community profile, lodging and restaurant guide, calendar, and chamber membership roster.
    The committee rendered questions pertaining directly to the concerns of the business community. The candidates are listed in no particular order.
    The Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce endorses Phil Fortunato for State Senator 31st District. Phil understands the challenges that businesses face and continues to work toward a business-friendly Washington. One of his biggest concerns is transportation and how it affects business. Fortunato has many ideas on funding roads in the near future.
    The Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce endorses John Urquhart for King County Sheriff. John’s leadership has increased our police presence and decreased crime by taking a pro-active approach. John understands the impact crime has on our communities.
    The Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce endorses Mitzi Johanknecht for King County Sheriff. Mitzi's exemplary leadership experience and skills demonstrated to the Chamber her ability to protect communities and businesses. 
    The Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce endorses Nancy Backus for Mayor of the City of Auburn. Nancy, as the incumbent, vows to continue to work for economic development, investment in transportation and protecting our quality of life in Auburn. 
    The Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce endorses Dr. Largo Wales for Mayor of the City of Auburn. Largo is driven to create further transparency in city finances, supports business and is against further taxation of our businesses.
    The Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce endorses Claude DaCorsi for Auburn City Council. Claude will continue to look out for the interest of the citizens of Auburn.
    The Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce does not endorse Larry Brown for Auburn City Council. Larry's business priorities do not align with the Chamber priorities.
    The Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce does not endorse Michelle Rylands for Senator of the 31st Legislative District.  Michelle's business priorities do not align with the Chamber priorities. 
    Chose not to participate
    Morgan Irwin                                        Representative Seat 2 31st District
    Nate Lowry                                           Representative Seat 2 31st District
    Yolanda Trout-Manuel                       Auburn City Council
    Michael Kahler                                     Auburn City Council
    Lynda Osborn                                       Algona City Council
    Dawn Doflemire                                   Algona City Council
    Don Thomson                                       City of Pacific Council
    Stacy Oliveira                                        City of Pacific Council
    Vic Kave                                                 City of Pacific Council
    Kerry Garberding                                 City of Pacific Council