Demographics & Economy


Auburn Area Demographics (within a 5-mile radius)


2000- 86,658

2008- 103,000

Projected 2013- 110,825

Median age

2000-  33.7

2008-  35.5

Projected 2013- 36

Population by Race/Ethnicity


2000-  83.1%

2008-  81.2%

Projected 2013- 79.58%


Median home value

2000- $157,199

2008- $298,829

Projected 2013- $349,774

* Within a five-mile radius of downtown

Renter-occupied homes

2000- 33.9%

2008- 27.3%

Projected 2013- 27.5%


In labor force

2000- 70.5%

2008- 96.1%

Not in Labor Force

2000- 29.5%

2008- 3.9%


2000- 32,875

2008- 37,922

Projected 2013- 40,825

Average Household Income

2000- $58,238    

2008-  $82,303    

Projected 2013-  $101,629



2000- 16.9%

2008- 18.8%

Projected 2013- 20.5%

Owner-occupied Homes

2000- 62.5%

2008- 67.5%

Projected 2013- 66.7%

Vacant housing units

2000- 3.6%

2008- 5.2%

Projected 2013- 5.8%

City of Auburn Population

1980    26,417
1990    33,102
2000    42,901
2004    45,355
2008    68,000 

City of Algona Population

2000    2,460
2004    2,605
2006    2,695
2008    2,740

City of Pacific Population

2000    5,527
2004    5,680
2008    6,225


Hospitals 1

Skilled Nursing Facilities 3

Beds 335

Libraries 3

Public Schools

14,291 students
14 elementary schools
4 middle schools
4 high schools
Student / teacher ratio    22:1
Licensed daycare facilities     28

Major Employers * Listed alphabetically

ACS, Inc.
Adesa Seattle
Auburn Regional Medical Center
Auburn School District
City of Auburn
Costco Business Center
Emerald Downs Race Track
Federal Aviation Administration
FedEx Ground
General Services Administration
Green River Community College
Leonard's Metals
Mohawk Northern Plastics
Mountain Peoples Northwest/UNFI
Muckleshoot Enterprises
Oak Harbor Freight Lines
Ply Gem Corporation
Safeway Distribution Center
Sam's Club
Social Security Administration
Zones, Inc.


Property tax:  $1.48 per $1,000.  Total assessment by other jurisdictions is $11.33 per $1,000.

Water, sewer, storm & solid waste utility tax:  7.0%
(included in rates charged to the customer)

Electric utility tax:  6.0%

Natural Gas utility tax:  6.0%

Telephone utility tax:  6.0%

Sales tax:  9.0%

Cable TV Franchise Fee:  5.0% plus 1% utility tax effective 7/1/08


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  • ESRI 2008 report
  • Hebert Research Demographic Comparison Report, March 2005
  • City of Auburn, Mayor’s office


Auburn Area Business Forecast

When it comes to economic growth Auburn has been leading the region!

The community boasts a large, capable labor force, cooperative city governments, a city Economic Development Manager, a Small Business Assistance Center and a Chamber of Commerce committed to working closely with area businesses.  Our strategic location between Seattle and Tacoma, next to major highways and railroads make us an ideal business location.

To assure orderly growth, the City of Auburn has developed a comprehensive land use plan, with specific areas designated for industrial, commercial and residential development with the ability to establish special planning districts. A new comprehensive downtown plan greatly expedites the plan review process. All of the above plans are interspersed with parks and open spaces to preserve the community’s quality of life.

More than two thirds of Auburn’s industrial land has been developed, providing a solid industrial and business base. The remaining raw land is still very affordable. In regard to workforce readiness, the Auburn area draws from a skilled and mobile labor force of well over one million people who live within 20 easily traveled miles. Auburn’s economic indicators remain very impressive.

Auburn is seen as a good place to invest and do business. In the last ten years we have seen the development of a new YMCA, a new Justice Center, downtown revitalization, SuperMall of the Great Northwest, Emerald Downs, Muckleshoot Casino, Auburn Performing Arts Center, White River Museum, White River Amphitheater, Washington National Golf Course, the commuter rail station, the new Safeway distribution center, and the newly finished Auburn Golf Course Clubhouse. The area surrounding the SuperMall continues to develop as does the 277th Street business corridor.

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