Auburn Food Bank’s 25th Annual Harvest Breakfast

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Each day we do our best to provide families with the resources they need to make it to the next day, the next week or the next month. Sometimes that resource can simply be a referral to another agency. Most of the time that resource is food - a mix of miscellaneous items that don't begin to look like your planned trip to the grocery store - but it is what sustains them through to the next visit. Sometimes the resource is financial and we are able to help keep a family in their home one more month so they can get on their feet enough to continue to provide for the family. We can't provide this help without you!.

This year we have three advertising opportunities for you...that will also help us!

Your GIFT of. . .

$1000.00 can provide food for 13 families, rental or energy assistance for 4 families

We, then, would like to thank you for your support with your logo on our placemat at the Harvest Breakfast on November 2, your logo on display upon entrance to the breakfast, your name in the power point presentation, and continued recognition on your Partnership Plaque we trust you are displaying in your business. If you are new to this level of giving, you will receive a Partnership Plaque as our way of saying thank you and letting your clients know how much you care.

$750.00 provides food for 10 families or allows 3 families to stay in their home or have heat for one more month.

Your name will appear on the placemat at the Harvest Breakfast, and on display upon entrance to the breakfast, and on the power point presentation.

$500.00 provides food for 7 families and will provide rent and heat assistance to 2 families

Your company name and logo on the placemats at the Harvest Breakfast

Checks can be mailed to The Auburn Food Bank at PO Box 464, Auburn, WA 98071.

Logo’s can be sent to [email protected]

This gift does not obligate you to a table or attendance at the Harvest Breakfast but if you do wish to host a table of 7 friends (yourself and 7 friends fills a table) or attend without hosting a table, please email me at [email protected] to let me know your desires.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY and continued support of those less fortunate.


November 02, 2018 @ 7:00 am
November 02, 2018 @ 8:30 am



1320 Auburn Way S. Auburn WA 98002