Mar 04, 2020  -  Business

The Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce is excited to recognize Wesley Lea Hill Senior Living as the Auburn Area CONNECT "Business of the Month" for March 2020.

Wesley Lea Hill is a senior living campus located in the Lea Hill community of Auburn. The campus offers an abundance of services and levels of care, including independent living, assisted and "catered living" options, and nursing and rehabilitation care. A wide variety of care services, program and events, and other amenities are likewise available to residents, including on-site physical therapy, swimming pool, fitness and continuing education programs, and resident activities and spiritual services. (CLICK HERE to learn more about Wesley Lea Hill.)

Each month, the Auburn Area Chamber recognizes an extraordinary member business in the Auburn Area that employs local professionals, provides a consistent and superior customer experience, and remains actively engaged in the Auburn Area community, all while delivering exceptional products and services.

This month, we are proud to recognize Wesley Lea Hill as our March 2020 Business of the Month for the great programming and service they provide at their Lea Hill campus in Auburn.


Learn more about Wesley Lea Hill in this recent inteview with Executive Director Greg Byrge.

Auburn Area CONNECT (AAC): Tell us more about Wesley Lea Hill. What should our Chamber business members know about your business?

Wesley Lea Hill (WLH): We are a Senior Living Campus that has different levels of care, from Independent Living to Assisted Living, Nursing Care and Rehabilitation Care.

AAC: How many residents do you serve in your community?

WLH: Over 200

AAC: How many people do you employ here in the Auburn Area?

WLH: We employ over 150 employees.

AAC: Why is Wesley Lea Hill a great place to work?

WLH: Our philosophy is that the two most important people on our campus is the Resident and the Employee. You can't have one without the other.

AAC: Besides a great job, what other type of benefits do you offer your employees?

WLH: We have a full benefits package, including matching retirement benefits.

AAC: What do you love most about serving the Auburn Area?

WLH: The people are so open, loving and appreciative to what we do here.

AAC: What are some of the most exciting amenities available to residents at Wesley Lea Hill? And, what would you say residents enjoy most about living at Wesley Lea Hill?

WLH: We are a very active campus. From the classes we offer in our Wesley U program, to our indoor pool and spa. We are a community within the community of Lea Hill. (CLICK HERE to read more about this active campus and the amenities available to residents.)

AAC: In what areas will you grow and evolve over the next several years?

WLH: Our programming will change as our population changes. We see that people are living longer and are more active than ever before. We will have to create and change our programs to meet the needs of our residents.

AAC: How is being part of the Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce valuable to your business?

WLH: It gives us a network of experts in other areas that we would never have the chance to meet. This is a true value to Wesley.


Check out these photos from our tour of this amazing, local Senior Living campus!





Photos by Whitney Stohr, Communications Connector - Auburn Area CONNECT Chamber of Commerce.

You can also take a Google 360 virtual tour here.


A big thank you to everyone at Wesley Lea Hill for opening up your doors to us and providing a wonderful, behind-the-scenes tour of your facility.

Learn more about Wesley Lea Hill at