Mar 28, 2022  -  Business

Keeping your business safe is a joint effort. We at Auburn Area CONNECT want to help by providing our members with a free sign provided by us after you have joined the Business Trespass Program.


By signing the No Trespassing Authorization/Release Form, you and/or your company agree to post the following No Trespassing Sign(s) on the property.

No Trespassing Authorization Form

The Auburn Police Department has been made an agent of the above property and is empowered to enforce the property rights of the business/property owner IN THE ABSENCE of a business/property representative. These signs are to be conspicuously posted on the property. The following guidelines will ensure effective posting of the sign(s):

  1. Signs should be posted at each entry/exit drive to the property so that they are clearly visible to entering and exiting vehicles and pedestrian traffic.
  2. Signs should be posted along the building/property façade or perimeter fencing, approximately every 100 feet at a height of 8 feet above ground level where applicable.
  3. Signs should also be affixed to parking lot light poles where applicable.

Please complete the No Trespassing Authorization Form (PDF) and return it via email.

If questions, please contact 253-931-3080 Option #1.

Once you have turned in a completed form to the Auburn PD please let us know by emailing us at [email protected]. We will verify your form is complete and then mail you a sign for your window on us! Thanks for partnering with us and the Auburn PD to keep your business safe!