Local Women Recognized as Community Champions, "Daring Women Honorees" by Puget Sound Mayors

Oct 30, 2019  -  Uncategorized

Congratulations to Auburn's Debbie Christian, executive director of The Auburn Food Bank, and Pacific's Joanne Norman, from Terry Home residential community for those living with traumatic brain injuries, for being recognized as Community Champions and "Daring Women Honorees" by the Puget Sound Mayors at the Washington Women Who Dare event on Tuesday, October 29th, 2019.

Debbie Christian was nominated for recognition by City of Auburn Mayor Nancy Backus. Mayor Backus wrote: "As a smaller city with a growing homeless population and shrinking resources, we were in dire need of people willing to do the thankless job of addressing this crisis. Debbie has been Auburn's 'person.' She will fight for the needs of those persons experiencing homelessness with compassion, toughness and love. There's few people in this city that have done more, given more and, most of all, care more than Debbie."

Joanne Norman was nominated by City of Pacific Mayor Leanne Guier. When asked "What makes this woman 'daring,'" Mayor Guier answered: "What makes Joanne a Daring Woman is her tireless contribution to Terry Home. Joanne is one of the founding members and is the Administrator of both homes -- one in Pacific and one in Auburn. Joanne dares to believe in the strength of others and encourages them to dare to strive. The residents at Terry Home have many challenges and she continuously encourages them to reach deep inside to be all that they can be."

Washington Women Who Dare was sponsored by Comcast. The Keynote Speaker was Natalie Morales, Today Show West Coast Anchor, Dateline NBC Correspondent and Lead of "Behind Closed Doors with Natalie Morales."

Congratulations to both Debbie and Joanne!
Thank you for your tireless commitment to our communities and for your leadership through example.